Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez Is Very Experienced In The Fields Of Finance And Real Estate

August 26, 2015
Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez has an extensive history in the fields of finance and real estate. This includes working for some very well known brands within those fields. He is currently a Managing Member at Green Hill Capital LLC, a company which is based in Connecticut. Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez is not confined by geography though, having worked for successful firms in other countries in the past—mostly in Latin America. Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez is a veteran businessman in these fields, having worked for more than eighteen years in the fields of real estate investment and operations.

Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez's current position requires him to approach of the commitments that Green Hill Capital LLC agrees to. Over the course of his career, Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez has been able to participate in numerous real estate deals. This includes participation in a number of real estate developments. Additionally, Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez has managed a portfolio that consisted at the time of more than $100 million in investments when he was serving as the Executive Director at BanPro Banco Universal. Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez's strong work ethic has ensured that he has been successful in any position he has worked in. He has always acquitted himself well because of his commitment to excellence in all phases of his career.
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